Themed Guided Tour + Discussion Workshop Concept / 2018– / Museum of Finnish Architecture

Flyer of Queer+Crip themed guided tours and discussion workshops, Finnish Museum of Photography, 2019.
Image Description: A white card placed on a brown cardboard. In the card the is a black and white image, a logo and a black text with a sans-serif font that reads in Finnish: ”QUEER/CRIP -teemaopastus ja keskustelutyöpaja”. There are two white persons in the image. On of them has blonde short hair. They are looking and facing right into the camera. Their shoulders are showing, they don’t have a shirt on. Their facial expression is still. The other person in the image has darker hair that is pushed back. They are leaning on the other person’s one shoulder and holding their hand on the other one. They are looking right into the camera, but are not facing towards it. Half of their face is left in the shadows. They don’t have a shirt on either. Their facial expression is still as well.

Queer+Crip themed guided tour and discussion workshop encourages participants to challenge the normative perceptions of the world and society trough the images of the exhibition. During this participatory workshop, we practice pondering on themes such as gender, agency and identity. How and why do we see what we see? Where do our individual gazes come from? What perspectives you would like to engage in? How does exhibition look like from queer and crip perspectives? The workshop consists of a introductory tour in the exhibitions, conversations in group and small reflective tasks. Participation does not require any prior preparation. The duration of the workshop is 1h 30 min.

Workshop is run by visual arts pedagogues Kaura Raudaskoski and Jemina Lindholm, who are particularly interested in phenomenas related to queer feminism and crip theory.

During the themed guided tour and the discussion workshop all participants follow safer space guidelines to support and ensure equal discussion and participation.