Architecture After Human (WIP)

Themed Guided Tour + Discussion Workshop Concept / 2020 / Museum of Finnish Architecture

A random still life on an office table, Museum of Finnish Architecture, 2020
Image Description: A yellow mouse pad, a pink post-it note and a round golden tin foil wrapper are placed on a blue table. There is a hand drawn grid formation with thin black lines on the post-it note.

How does architecture change when we look at it in a less human-centered way? The themed guided tour and discussion workshop ponders around architecture and design after human from the points of view of eco-philosophy and climate crisis. The participatory tour delves deeper into the themes of any museum exhibition by interpreting the starting points of the exhibition, the materials and texts on display, as well as by reshaping their meanings. The workshop consists of a introductory tour in the exhibitions, conversations in group and small reflective tasks. Participation does not require any prior preparation. The duration of the themed guide tour and discussion workshop is 1h 30min.

The workshop is hosted by museum pedagogues Jemina Lindholm and Kaura Raudaskoski, who are interested in discussing current social and societal changes and learning more about issues related to architecture and the built environment.

During the themed guided tour and the discussion workshop all participants follow safer space guidelines to support equal discussion and participation.