Jemina Lindholm is a contemporary artist based in Helsinki. Their works revolve around the themes of intimacy, sickness and health and collaborative processes often taking forms of video, photography or slightly choreographed encounters. They love working collectively as togetherness provides effectiveness, radical safety and immediate feedback. At the moment their main field of interest is the intersection of contemporary art, sickness and crip theory. At the moment they are working on a new project on guided tours and their historical trajectories with their colleague Kaura Raudaskoski.

For more information about collaborative art works and projects visit Collaborations.

           Recent, Current & Up-coming

ARS-HÄME: NÄYTTÄMÖ 2022 – Nykykuvataidetta hallinnon huoneissa, Hämeenlinna, Finland, 2022
Rehearsing Hospitalities, Frame Contemporary Art Finland, Helsinki, Finland, 2021
Maunula Staircase, Maunula-talo, Helsinki, Finland, 2019
Bergen Assembly: The Parliament of Bodies – The Impossible Parliament, Belgin, Bergen, Norway, 2019
Public Faculty no. 13, Vallila, Helsinki, Finland, 2019
~in waves~ intensive residency of feminist curating, Hanaholmen, Finland, 2018
Fragile Systems: a dialogue around an exhibition, Sick System, M8 Art Space, Espoo, Finland, 2018
nothing/special ZINE #1 issue "nothing special" – an art zine for mad/sick/crip art, 2018