Pedagogy & Research

Jemina Lindholm works as a Manager of Learning and Public Prorammes in the Museum of Finnish Architecture and a freelance museum pedagogue in the Finnish Museum of Photography. With their dear friend and colleague Kaura Raudaskoski they form a pedagogical duo dedicated to feminist (un)learning, pedagogy and research. At the moment their work concentrates on themed guided tours and discussion workshops in public (art) institutions that ponder on gender, ability, agency and identity from queer, crip and posthuman perspective.

For more information about the collaboration between Lindholm and Raudaskoski visit their joint webpage and read their blogpost Queer+Crip – Kysymistä ja vastaamasta kieltäytymistä for Culture for All Service.

           Recent, Current & Up-coming

Punos Advisory Board, 2021–
Feminist Leadership Platform, UrbanApa and MAD HOUSE, Helsinki, Finland, 2021
Taidekasvatuspäivät 2021, Taiteen perusopetusliitto, 2021
"Tämä on ensimmäinen kerta, kun musta puhutaan museossa" – Feministisestä taidepedagogiikasta, Philosophical Magazine niin & näin, Tampere, Finland, 2021
Master Thesis Award 2021, Disability Studies Arts & Education, National Art Education Association, 2021
The Space Between The Lines is Not Neutral – Pedagogical Labour in Failing Institutions, SQS Journal, The Society for Queer Studies in Finland, 2021
Feminist Leadership Platform, UrbanApa and MAD HOUSE, Helsinki, Finland, 2020
#StopHatredNow 2020, Helsinki, Finland, 2020
Taide, taiteilijat ja vammaisuus – mitä uutta tuoreiden tutkielmien valossa?, Disability Day of Art and Action, Kiasma, Helsinki, Finland, 2019
Celebrating Rainbow History Month Colloquium, Turku, Finland, 2019
Toisin katsottu museo -seminaari, Ateneum, Helsinki, Finland, 2019
Queering Memory – ALMS 2019 Conference, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, Germany, 2019
Circles of Conversation – 16th Annual Conference of the Canadian Disability Studies Association, UBC, Canada, 2019
Queer+Crip -teemaopastuksista – kysymistä ja vastaamasta kieltäytymistä, Culture for All Service, 2018
THE URGE, THE ECHO, INDEX - The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation, Stockholm, Sweden, 2018
Kohtaamisia – Opastamisen teemapäivä, Ateneum, Helsinki, Finland, 2018
FAQ: Feminism and Queer in Art Education, Anniina Suominen & Tiina Pusa (Eds.), Aalto ARTS Books, 2018
Feminististä pedagogiikkaa (with Kaura Raudaskoski), 2018–