FAQ: Feminism and Queer in Art Education

Research Group & Publication / 2017– / Aalto ARTS Books / PDF

Cover of FAQ: Feminism and Queer in Art Education, Aalto ARTS Books, 2018. Design: Cleo Bade.
Image Description: A book placed on a brown cardboard. The book cover has a silver glitter unicorn silhouette on it. The background of the cover is a gradient of pink and light violet. There is a black logo at the bottom left corner of the book cover. There is a black text with sans-serif font at the top of the cover that reads: "Anniina Suominen & Tiina Pusa (Eds.” There is a bigger black text with sans-serif font in the middle of the cover that reads: ”Feminism and Queer in Art Education”.

First FAQ is a collection of critical, contemporary feminist and queer scholarship emerging from the Department of Art at Aalto University, with contributions from Finnish and international students as well as faculty. The book advocates for non-normative educational, artistic, and cultural approaches that explore largely silenced issues. The texts emerge from personal experience, but address systemic discrimination embedded within broad institutional and political structures.

The FAQ research group is fromed by an organic group of students and staff members of Aalto University to promote feminist and critical research within the degree program of art education at Aalto University as well as social justice cooperation with other institutions, organizations and bodies nationally and internationally.

The article nothing / special: Zine Making as an Approach to Critical Disability Studies and feminist art pedagogical practice published in Feminism and Queer in Art Education discussed zine culture from the perspectives of critical disability studies, crip theory, feminist pedagogy and the history of feminist publishing.