Public and Pedagogical Programmes

Manager of Learning and Public Programmes / Public and Pedagogical Program / 2020– / Museum of Finnish Architecture

Urban Designers Workshop at the Museum of Finnish Architecture, 2020.

The Museum of Architecture is a national special museum dedicated to architecture and built environment. The museum maintains a collection of Finnish architecture and is a suitable expert friend for anyone interested in architecture and the built environment.

As a Manager of Learning and Public Programmes, my job includes planning and implementing the public and pedagogical programmes of the Museum of Finnish Architecture, from content to tehcnical and practical solutions, in collaboration with a work community. In particular, managing the Fill This Space School Programme for 16–20 year olds is at the center of my work.

In addition, I developed the audience engagement concepts. In the spring of 2020, we designed the Architecture After Human themed guided tour with my colleague Kaura Raudaskoski as part of the museum's public programme. My job duties also included the active use of Instagram as a tool for audience work and event production as well as the production of digital exhibition experience.