Advisory Board 2021–

Combining the transformative powers of Art, Research, and Education is key to building ecologically and socially sustainable societies. Working towards eco-social sustainability calls for diverse voices and approaches. The Punos team works with the Arts and cultural sector more broadly to bring care and inclusion into the center of Nordic climate and biodiversity policy-development.

MUU Artists' Association

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Exhibition Selection Board 2020–
Board 2017–2020
Member Election Board 2018–2019
Communication and Marketing Working Group 2018–2020
Representative, Art Organizations Out of Office 2018–2020

Artists’ Association MUU was established in 1987. Its membership has doubled during this millennium and was 640 in 2019. The growth of the association is a reflection of current trends in the field of contemporary art in Finland. MUU has an active collaboration network with both Finnish and international art and cultural organisations. International exchange exhibitions and projects are a significant part of the association’s work. Throughout its existence, MUU has served as an key mediator of contacts between curators and artists.

Rajataide Association

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Vice Chair 2016
Board 2015–2016
Publicist 2014–2015

Rajataide is an art association founded in 1996 by visual artists and art workers from Tampere, Finland. Rajataide association runs a non-profit gallery space called Rajatila which focuses on contemporary art. In the same building as the gallery, Rajataide has a bookshop called Laitapuoti that sells works from self- and small publishers. Additionally, together with Tampere City Cultural Services, Rajataide maintains a gallery space called Muuntotila at the Lielahti Manor in Hiedanranta.