Silence I & II
Silence I & II

Workshop and installation / 2014-

Silence is often regarded as the opposite of noise, the absence of sound. In reality, it is impossible to reach perfect silence. In today's society silence has become a luxury - thanks to marketing and branding. In the middle of the hurry, worry and stress, 'being alone' and relaxation are taught in different kind of camps and retreats. We have become estranged from silence and it has been said that the occidental people are even afraid of it. Social silence is also often associated with negative words like 'awkward' or 'embarrassing'.

Project Silence gathers 4-7 people to a workshop via open invitation. During the workshop the theme 'silence' is discussed thorugh different practises. The emphasis is on social aspects of silence. The workshop bases on trust, intimacy and the idea of 'safe space' in which participants and organizer shares as much they feel comfortable. Afterwards outcome of the workshops is mediated to an installation form. All the material is handled confidentially and doesn't identify to anyone.

The project is a collaboration between Jemina Lindholm and Elina Ylhäisi.

Silence II was exhibited as a part of Paulo Foundation's annual invitational exhibition 2015.