Got buns, hun?
Got buns, hun?

4-channel video installation / 2015 / loop / 16:9/4:3 / HD-video / color / stereo

Got Buns, Hun? installation is a manifest against the objectification of bodies. Non-normative bodies have been erased from the imagery of popular culture. The faces behind marshmallow-covered balaclavas are not shown to the viewer. Anonymous body parts become distorted on a slow motion video. There are 3 294 705 posts with the #fitspiration on Instagram. The results of Google image search overflow with generic beauty imagery: the material found with the index words 'beauty' and 'sexy' contain photos of scantily dressed female bodies without exception. Silent anarchy smoulders beneath the projection.

The work is a collaboration between Jemina Lindholm and Hinni Huttunen.

Cinematographer & gaffer & color correction: Jesse Jalonen

Camera assistant & electrician: Anna Puustinen