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A group of people around a table full of scissors, mobile phones, markers and glues are writing on colorful papers.
Index Residents Workshop, Index – The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation, 2018.
Image Description: A group of young people has gathered around a table. Only hands (black, white and brown) and some of the heads (dark hair) are showing in the image. The table is black and a pair of scissors, glasses, glue tubes, mobile phones and paper cut outs of different letters are scattered around it. Most of the hands are holding pens (red and green) and writing something on colorful papers (light blue, pink, light yellow, light green).


ARS-HÄME: NÄYTTÄMÖ 2022 – Nykykuvataidetta hallinnon huoneissa, Hämeenlinna, Finland, 2022
Rehearsing Hospitalities, Frame Contemporary Art Finland, Helsinki, Finland, 2021
Maunula Staircase, Maunula-talo, Helsinki, Finland, 2019
Bergen Assembly: The Parliament of Bodies – The Impossible Parliament, Belgin, Bergen, Norway, 2019
Public Faculty no. 13, Vallila, Helsinki, Finland, 2019
~in waves~ intensive residency of feminist curating, Hanaholmen, Finland, 2018
Fragile Systems: a dialogue around an exhibition, Sick System, M8 Art Space, Espoo, Finland, 2018
nothing/special ZINE #1 issue "nothing special" – an art zine for mad/sick/crip art, 2018

           Pedagogy & Research

Punos Advisory Board, 2021–
Feminist Leadership Platform, UrbanApa and MAD HOUSE, Helsinki, Finland, 2021
Taidekasvatuspäivät 2021, Taiteen perusopetusliitto, 2021
"Tämä on ensimmäinen kerta, kun musta puhutaan museossa" – Feministisestä taidepedagogiikasta, Philosophical Magazine niin & näin, Tampere, Finland, 2021
Master Thesis Award 2021, Disability Studies Arts & Education, National Art Education Association, 2021
The Space Between The Lines is Not Neutral – Pedagogical Labour in Failing Institutions, SQS Journal, The Society for Queer Studies in Finland, 2021
Feminist Leadership Platform, UrbanApa and MAD HOUSE, Helsinki, Finland, 2020
#StopHatredNow 2020, Helsinki, Finland, 2020
Taide, taiteilijat ja vammaisuus – mitä uutta tuoreiden tutkielmien valossa?, Disability Day of Art and Action, Kiasma, Helsinki, Finland, 2019
Celebrating Rainbow History Month Colloquium, Turku, Finland, 2019
Toisin katsottu museo -seminaari, Ateneum, Helsinki, Finland, 2019
Queering Memory – ALMS 2019 Conference, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, Germany, 2019
Circles of Conversation – 16th Annual Conference of the Canadian Disability Studies Association, UBC, Canada, 2019
Queer+Crip -teemaopastuksista – kysymistä ja vastaamasta kieltäytymistä, Culture for All Service, 2018
THE URGE, THE ECHO, INDEX - The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation, Stockholm, Sweden, 2018
Kohtaamisia – Opastamisen teemapäivä, Ateneum, Helsinki, Finland, 2018
FAQ: Feminism and Queer in Art Education, Anniina Suominen & Tiina Pusa (Eds.), Aalto ARTS Books, 2018
Feminististä pedagogiikkaa (with Kaura Raudaskoski), 2018–

           Arts & Cultural Management

Manager of Learning and Public Programmes, Museum of Finnish Architecture, Helsinki, Finland, 2021–
Program Manager, Museum of Finnish Architecture, Helsinki, Finland, 2020
Project Coordinator, Art Centre for Children and Young People, Hyvinkää, Finland, 2018–2019
Exhibition Coordinator, Aalto University, Espoo, Finland, 2018

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