~in waves~ intensive residency of feminist curating at Hanaholmen 26.-30.11.2018

THE URGE, THE ECHO seminar at INDEX - The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation 8.-9.11.2018 / Kids Looking Busy – a workshop with Emmeli Person

Kohtaamisia - Opastamisen teemapäivä Ateneumissa 8.11.2018 / Kokemuksia Kaikki on katseessa -teemaopastuksesta Aapo Raudaskosken kanssa

nothing/special ZINE #1 issue "nothing special" – an art zine for mad/sick/crip art OUT NOW! Also featured in Kulttuuriuutinen.

FAQ: Feminism and Queer in Art Education, Anniina Suominen & Tiina Pusa (Eds.) out now and available in Aalto ARTS Books. Featuring my article on contemporary art, critical disability studies and feminist art pedagogy and my photographic diptych 10th Anniversary (2017).